Lisa Nolan is the creator of HealingSheGotFaith. She was born in Queens, New York, but raised in St.Louis, Missouri. Lisa graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. It was during this time that she initially started blogging.

Lisa continued her education at Saint Louis University where she earned her Master's of Social Work (MSW) in Community and Organization with a specialization in Nonprofit Management. She has experience in the Nonprofit world and College Access Programs. Her interests include community development, program planning and advocating for under-served groups and communities. 

Meet the Founder

TheStory Behind it All

At the age of 15 Lisa lost her dad. It goes without saying that this loss greatly impacted Lisa’s life. Just a few years later she went off to college at SEMO where she continued to process the loss of her dad and take on this new journey of being a college student. While at college, Lisa had her first encounters with God. After her freshman year in college Lisa had sustained an outstanding balance and was told that she could not come back. At the same time she and her family were experiencing financial turmoil. Stressed and trying to figure out what to do next, her family was able to secure a loan that allowed her to return to school.

Upon her return she was scrolling on Facebook one night when a message from a religious app popped up and stated “what prayers do you have?” Frustrated and in disbelief that God could or would do anything based off of her current experiences and losses she reluctantly wrote the prayer “Show me the pathway to truth and take all the unnecessary out of my life.”


Fast forward about 6 months, Lisa had started meeting with a fellow student who had started sharing scriptures with her. A few months later she attends church with a friend and on August 28, 2011 she decided to give her life to Christ. In response to this transformation that had taken place Lisa had really developed and strengthened her faith.


Why SheGotFaith?

SheGotFaith, the name, was developed out of Lisa’s newly formed relationship with God. She realized that it was her faith that would sustain her on this healing journey. As she progressed through her sophomore and junior year people started recognizing her for her outstanding faith. She updated her social media handles to reflect that and there started the name SheGotFaith. She started a group called Praises and Prayer as a support for students on campus. This group was open to all students regardless of their backgrounds. The purpose of Praises and Prayer was to allow students to come together and discuss whats's going and to be able to see a little bit of hope despite their situation.



Post-graduation, Lisa continued to grow her faith. On October 4, 2018, she lost her mother. This affected her faith walk as she would now have to cope with the loss of both parents. Lisa again came back to this feeling of reluctance in talking to God and felt herself becoming less receptive to God and her faith walk in general. This put a damper on her relationship with God. It was like the process started all over again.

Today Lisa has updated the blog title to HealingSheGotFaith, to reflect this new chapter in her walk with God and her grieving process. She is relearning some things about herself and discovering new ways to heal and appreciate her process.

HealingSheGotFaith is dedicated to anyone who is grieving. If you have lost someone; this is your playground. HealingSheGotFaith hopes to provide a space for people to be able to discuss those emotions and experiences that have caused grief on you. This is also a place for those of us who are on this self-love journey. Maybe your grief and self-love journey go hand in hand or maybe they are separate; either way, this is your place to be.