Where are you, God?

Hey Faither,

Happy Wednesday! It's the middle of the week, and I usually have a video for you, but today and probably until the end of March, I will be doing blogs. Currently, I am transitioning back to my home state. I have been an emotional wreck! I have been struggling to think straight and to complete day-to-day activities. I am overwhelmed with everything. I am not a fan of change, and I have serious attachment issues. So, whenever I am in transition, my body starts shutting down. I am living in boxes, and I am going crazy!

I am someone who has a relationship with God. If you read my bio, you know I have had many back-and-forth conversations with God. I believe in God. I know God to be real. However, I have often ended my nights with that one question, "Where are you, God?"

Now we could give cliche answers such as:

"Look around; God is everywhere."

"Touch your chest; you feel that? God gave you another chance."

"God doesn't give us more than we can handle."

"God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldier."

You know all that cute stuff.

But I have to be honest, sometimes that stuff doesn't work.

Can I talk to those who have questioned God, asked God questions, didn't quite fit into the "spiritual way." Maybe you felt un-church-like or unworthy. Perhaps you felt like you didn't belong. I want you to come to the front of the stage.

I feel you! I've been there. I have asked those same questions. I have sat here and asked myself, "How do I believe in God but still feel this way?"

Let me say this to you...

Are you ready?

It's normal. Just because we believe in God doesn't mean we do not have questions. Just because we know God doesn't mean that at times, we don't feel God's spirit.

God is within us, but also, God can seem so far away. This is normal. Sometimes, we have to take a step back, just like in life. We have to start with step 1 and relearn our foundation. It doesn't mean that you're not a believer. It just means you need more time with yourself and God.

Faither, know that this is perfectly normal. I want you to take a notepad, sticky note, your phone, or maybe just your voice and say what you have to God. God wants to hear from you. I want you to stop feeling weird or unnormal and to live out of stress because you have this feeling at the bottom of your stomach and are wondering where God is.

Faither, you are not alone. I feel you. I want you to think about last week where I asked you to make a list of the people who have had your back. Now, pull that list out and go over it. Call one of those people and express your feelings about God. Talk with someone who will listen and allow you to cry in their arms and be completely honest!

God is here. God is with you. Sometimes we need small reminders. That's okay.

Make a list today about everything that has been bothering you. Start with a list, and for the next week, write about one thing for the list. Each day takes about 5 to 10 minutes to say everything you need to say about everything that is bothering you.

Let's say it together, "God, where are you?"

Now let's go make our lists, Faither.

Always remember to love you the way you love the world.

I love you, Faither.

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