What is loving me the way I love the world?

Self-love. It sounds so simple, but really what is it? The crazy part is that everyone has their own definition. Some people get their nails done, some workout, some take vacations. Whatever it is, it is your choice. But let me say this. This self-love journey is not all flowers and blue skies. Sometimes it's going home after a long day at work and crying. Doing that big ugly cry and letting it go.

I remember at once point in my life I was going to protests that were happening in my city. I ran into an old mentor. She was with her wife and her wife had supported her because there was a lot going on, but two she understood that this was her wife's self-care. Her wife would go dancing to release. My mentor needed to be in the community and marching and fighting injustices. Some may not say that that is self-care, but that was her way of doing something for her health that had nothing to do with work, family, but the broader society.

Sometimes it is choosing to walk away from an argument and not responding. Sometimes it is telling your family and friends that curse word: "NO." Sometimes it is saying I am staying in to study, drink my coffee in my pajamas, and just checking off duties of your to-do list.

For me, I had to say no to a lot of stuff. I had to start doing what I desired. I realized my passions came from everyone. I needed to invest in myself. Community work is my passion and I had to figure out how to feed that passion and with searching for that I learned that I was feeding my self-care as well. What I was desiring this whole time was not just community acts, but it was the love of myself and the self-care that my body has been begging for.

Self-love. How would you define it? When I say that when you see that word, what is coming to your mind? Take a second today and make a list of what you consider to be self-love. What are your views on self-love? How can you change your mindset of self-love?

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