Love You The Way you Love the World

First and foremost, Friday, February 5th, 2021, would have been Trayvon Martin's birthday. We send his family so much love. Trayvon should be here today! We stand in solidarity with his family and the many activists who have continued to fight for Trayvon. Trayvon, we have not forgotten about you! We continue to fight for you!

Let's circle back around to this concept of loving you the way you love the world.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you would stop what you're doing to make them feel better?

You ever lost money because you love someone so much?

You ever had too many hats to wear?

Are you sacrificing sleep? Personal time? Eating times?

I know Faither, I am all up in your business.

But I am coming to tell you to stop! Because I know what you're going through. Even though I run this business and come here every week to ask you to do the same thing, I am still struggling! That's why sometimes you just don't get a blog or video.

Even when I plan things out! Like when I plan to have guest writers or a plan for HealingSheGotFaith and Grief Beyond Death AND things still just don't work out.

You know what I think it hands are in too many pots. Yup! I said it. Your girl, your founder, is doing way too much! And this is why I created HealingSheGotFaith! I started it because I was living it! I was going through it!

So Faither, how do we get to that point where I love me the way I love everyone and everything around me?

First, we have to acknowledge that we are doing the most! We have too much going on! The reason why we are anxious and overwhelmed, and tired is because we keep saying "YES." When we all know, we should say "No."

Second, and this one is going to hurt some of your ears, SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE. Yes, sit still. Be still. The reason why life is passing you by is that you not stopping to breathe. You keep going and going. You don't give yourself any time to just be. Sit down, watch some TV, turn off the phones and electronics. Just sit down. Breathe! You don't have where to go. Drink a smoothie, eat some fries. Lay in bed in your PJs all day. Just relax.

Third, cancel those plans, Faither. You're tired. The reality is...YOU JUST CAN'T DO IT. Period. End of the story. Cancel it! You ain't want to go no way! Take that time for yourself!

Once you start setting boundaries, people will feel a certain kind of way. But you have to teach people how to respect your time and energy. You have to show people that you are serious about your mental health and what you are doing to take care of yourself!

My hands have been in so many pots over the years, Faither. So much that now people just assume I am going to show up! They just know I will be the first to help set up and greet people and $200 on products that I don't necessarily need.

Yes, that is my fault. I was the one that showed up and made that a bad habit. But now I have to set those boundaries. Does it suck? Absolutely! I hate feeling like I am letting people down.

But guess what? I have partnerships with people, and I don't even know what we're doing! What? That's insane.

And maybe you're there too.

Maybe the money flow isn't coming in.

Maybe the time feels so limited.

Maybe you just need to rest.

Maybe the house just doesn't have any more room in it.

Maybe your bank account is depleted from all the support that you have been giving out.

Maybe your body is begging for rest, and you keep going.

Maybe your cup is empty. It needs a refill.

When we discuss the concept of Loving You the Way You Love the world, we are saying to put that same energy into yourself that you put into everyone else. You deserve that too!

I hope today, you do just that!

Faither, I love you! But I hope you love you the way you love the world! I encourage you to do something for yourself today! Say no! Cancel those plans!

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