I am so tired of Death!

January has come to an end. It is finally over. Can I ask you all something? Did this January go by fast, unlike other January months that we have experienced? Well, it's over, and now we are on to February, Black History Month, and the month of Love!

So, what now? First of all, can we take a moment to acknowledge Cicely Tyson? I know that she was 96 years old, but sheesh. It still sucks when someone dies. I am so happy that we as a society had the opportunity to witness Cicely Tyson and her magic to this Earth that she gave us. If you haven't already, support your local bookstore and purchase her memoir!

This brings me to the title of this blog; I am so tired of death. I know death is coming. I know, Faither. We can not do anything about death. But I would be lying if I told you I got this grief thing down, and it is so much easier to deal with. Nope. Yup, your founder is tired of death and quite frankly tired of death.

I am so tired of every time we get on social media; there is a RIP or a hashtag. I was thinking about this the other day. Social media makes it so much easier to know and see death all the time.

Now, I am a person who has experienced death probably more than someone who has worked at a morgue. But with social media, death is everywhere. Before a loved one can find out, the internet has already told the world who died and how. We have over 1,000 friends on Facebook, and the most we see them is when one of them transitions away from this world.

Then I thought, with Black History Month coming up, we have to acknowledge and celebrate all the accomplishments, but we also have to recognize all the people who have lost their lives. But wow, death.

I want to say that I am comfortable with it, and I know how to handle death and make it more comfortable. But honestly, Faither, I am so tired.

I am the person who has just as many funerals as weddings to attend every year. But as I get older and become more familiar with myself and self-care, I have to be honest and say I am so tired of seeing RIP. I am so tired of getting information about another funeral. I want to pay my respects, but wow, have I been there for so many people. If I am honest, my mother's funeral took it out of me. I pray every day that God gives me the strength for the next funeral: someone who is close to me.

Faither, do you feel like this? How do you feel about death? Has this been your experience? What do you do to take care of yourself in regards to death and grief?

Faither, how much time do you spend on social media?

Listen, we are all in this together! So just know wherever you are, and no matter how you feel, we are here for you!

Now, let's get ready to celebrate Black History Month and the month of Love! What will you be doing this month to celebrate?

Whatever you do, remember to love you the way you love the world! Remember, I love you too!!

I'll see you on Wednesday Faither!

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