How to be a Student & Deal with Grief

You're a student, and all of a sudden, grief has hit you. You lost a friend, parent, grandparent, teacher. Or maybe you had to leave campus and go back home. Perhaps you had to leave an apartment.

So how do you grieve and be the best student that you are?

Let me tell you; I've been there. It was six months before my graduation for my Masters of Social Work. Oh, but wait, what about that time when I was a freshman in high school and during a big test, I found out my father had a heart attack and passed. Wait, but what about that time I was on summer break from my bachelor's degree, and I found out a friend was killed in a car accident while I was on a mission trip in Florida! My friend Mykel and I were about supposed to study abroad when we went back to school. And when I finally got around to campus, he was no longer there.

Being a student and grieving is not easy by any means. You have to be active, pay attention, pass the class, all while you're in pain and it feels like a piece of you is missing.



During this time during Covid-19, the times are so much more challenging in the education world. The students now are struggling in ways that people like me may not ever experience. Covid-19 and these systems have not considered the students. There is a lack of support. There are no policies in place that genuinely support our people who are trying to get their education.

An this isn't just our P.h.D students, but our people down to kindergarten. No one is genuinely supported by the systems set up. Covid-19 came in and cleared everyone's plans.

  1. So, one, if you're a student, you have to admit what you're feeling.

  2. Two, talk to someone. Whether that be a professional, your teacher, or parent, talk to someone who will listen to you and help you during this time.

  3. Three, Take the breaks that you need. I know it's hard because you're a student. Yes, it would be best if you got it done; I know you do. But listen, you can't get it done if you're sick, in the hospital, or no longer on this Earth.

  4. Four, if you're a person who is not a student, but you have some people in your life that are students, shut up! Just shut up. Please do not give your opinion, and do not compare your struggles to them. Listen and ask them how you can support them. Remember that time when you were a student and needed support. Be that person that you needed during that time. And if you can't, be quiet and hug them.

Students, we here at HealingSheGotFaith stand in solidarity with you! We know how hard it is, and we are so sorry! But we are here! We love you! We can't wait to see ALL that you accomplish!

Always remember to love you the way you love the world.

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