Grief Beyond Death

Have you ever had a break-up?

Have you lost a job?

Have you and friend gone your separate ways?

Have you experienced a change in your everyday routine because of COVID-19?

You ever been through a divorce?

Have you moved and missed your old environment?

Often, we look at grief, and we associate it with death and dying. But if we break it down to simple terms we see, grief is simply the pain we feel from losing something we love.

With that being said, we grieve situations and people that we do not often think about. Have you ever had a break-up, and you can't get that feeling out of your chest? Have you ever lost a job, and you can't seem to be motivated to do anything at all. Have you lost a friend and can't seem to let go of the memories? Have you ever moved, and every time you talk to someone, all you can do is talk about your first home? Currently, do you feel like you have lost control of your life? You can't go to the office or go to the gym.

All of that is grief. If you feel anything that I have mentioned above, then you have indeed experienced grief. Maybe you do not look at it as grief, but if you miss it and your body is going through any change, grief is what you're experiencing.

Often, we want answers and quick fixes, but grief is not easy to explain.

I oftentimes miss hanging out with my friends. I miss the interaction with people. Due to COVID, the interaction with people outside of my household has become nonexistent. I want to hang out and talk to people. I miss having that human interaction. I used to go to a dance class, yoga class, and I would even go to the library. Because I am living in New York during this pandemic, all of that has changed. My normal everyday life is gone. Yes, thank God for Zoom, Google Meets, and FaceTime, but I am tired of always being on someone's computer, IPAD, or Phone. Now, I am not saying this to complain because honestly, I am happy to be here through 2020, but I do miss my everyday routine.

So with that being said, I want you to truly embrace what you are feeling and going through. I want you to say what's bothering you. Have a conversation with yourself about what is happening within your head.

As always my beautiful people love you the way you love the world 🌎.

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