For those who lost a parent

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The community of people who are grieving has been close to my heart since about 2017. More specifically, the population of people who have lost parents and/or caretakers. October 4th, 2018, my mom, my rock, and my Queen, left this Earth. It still stings to write that. My mom was my heartbeat, literally. I lost my dad at the age of 15, and when I lost my mom, I soon realized that I never dealt with the death of my dad. There I was 26 years old with neither parent. In 2017, I attended about six funerals of all parents to my friends, clients, acquaintances, and one of the burials was a parent to a guy I was dating at the time. I never knew all of that was to prepare me for the hardest funeral that I would ever have to plan and attend, which was my mom's. So, before this life-changing event, I wanted to create a safe place for people, adults who no longer had parents. I wanted to do this because so many of us have lost parents, and we never dealt with the loss. So, we started to move on in life, and we tried to become everything that we couldn't when our parents were here on Earth. I've witnessed people become parents, spouses, business owners, personal trainers, and so much more after losing their parents. But I've also seen people act as if they've never lost anyone. They continue with life, and they push and push only to hit a plateau and have a breakdown. I wanted to add a space for those folks. My goal is to provide a space where people, especially adults who are grieving to have a place where they can address their loss(es). Ladies and gentlemen, can I tell you something that some of our families would hate to hear? You and I are not required to be "strong." It's okay that we are hurt. Some of our parents have been gone for a long time and guess what, we still cry when we smell something or see a picture or drive by our family's spot. I know in my generation; we are into "breaking generational curses and habits," and let me tell you; I am determined to do just that. I am breaking everything that has been tossed down to me. Just like habits and trauma can be passed down, so can positivity, healing, and love. So, my question is this: Are you grieving? Have you dealt with the pain and/or emotions? What could you be doing now to heal? This is all part of that learning curve. Just think about it. I want you to know that I love you, and I encourage you to love you the way you love the world.

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