Compliment You

Do what the title says. Today take your time. Now I want you to breathe.

Please take your eyes off of whatever device you are using to read this blog.

Now say this out loud:

  1. I am who I am.

  2. I am what I am and not what I'm not.

  3. I am living in my purpose.

  4. I am the best person to be in this position.

  5. I am learning everything I need to prepare me for the future.

I want you to leave this 3-minute blog complimenting yourself. Today is all about you! Yes! You!

I want you to post a picture of yourself. Your favorite one and I want you to post it and say, "I love you!" And when you do this, use the hashtags: #HealingSheGotFaith and #Loveyouthewayyoulovethewordld 😉

But Faither, let me tell you a story. I struggled so much with celebrating myself, even to this day. I have two platforms, and I still struggle to see everything that I do.

While I have so much confidence, I still question my worthiness and ability! But today, we are throwing out all of those lies. We are speaking life into us! We are coming to ourselves and saying, "Look, we are doing this. This is ours. We are capable of doing it all."

Faither, you are here. You are amazing. You deserve ALL the compliments! Leave here today knowing that you are worthy!!!

Always remember to love you the way you love the world.

I love you, Faither.

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