Allow them to Grieve!

So, we have talked a lot about grieving and how to take care of ourselves. Let's take a little turn and discuss how we might try to take on other's people grief.

Grief sucks. And it is very uncomfortable. I think at this time we get that. However, if we have grieved and we have experienced it we tend to try to take on the burden of others who have grieved as well. We want to take the pain away and we want to be there and be the person that we never had.

But what happens when we try to take on so much and we end up literally taking on the burden of others?

One, we get burnt out. We put on this cape that no one asked us to wear.

Two, we lose ourselves.

Three, we take away from what the other people are experiencing.

But what happens when we try to take on so much and we end up literally taking on the burden of others. But what would the world look like if we allowed people and ourselves to feel what they feel?

Today, I am here to talk to you about checking your heart and actions. I know you care about that person and I know you want to be there for them. I know their pain kills you to watch. But allow them to feel how they feel. Remember when you just wished someone knew and understood you? Allow them to experience their grief and learn themselves the way you needed to.

You can be a friend and you can love them and be there for them, but do not try to take the pain away. Just like you needed it. They need it!

Always remember to love you the way you love the world. Continue to love your friend and continue to embrace yourself and do not take anything personally! Grief is a process that we all are trying to understand in our day to day lives.

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